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It was the winter of 2012. It was a time when love was mere a deep, destructive flood drowning the self and love-making an act of guilt and shame which left one empty and disheartened.

Love was cheap, but came with a prize.

I had left everything, but yet it was never far behind, like a faithful horse it followed my every footstep and I did my best so it wouldn’t starve or die of thirst. It was my companion and I never felt lonely.

It was a comfort in all my misery.

In the evenings I heard the bars calling my name. Sometimes as a lover’s gentle whisper, sometimes as an agonized cry over the city rooftops to my apartment on the other side of town.

Most times I couldn’t resist.

The bars…

The women… I never really wanted to get to know, but still…

It rained a lot that winter. I made my way downtown on the wet, mirroring streets. As a frightened ghost in the orange light of streetlamps and the colorful neon lights, among the hunched up shadows of unknown people, all trying to avoid stepping into the pools of rain which had fallen during the day from the heavens we all struggle to reach. My friend was close, its hoofs echoing and bouncing between the houses, and if hurting was a sound I’d be deaf.

As I entered the bar the choir in my head silenced and one Friday night in January that winter, we met.

Blonde Horse was formed.”

Niklas and Anton teamed up with Micke in January in 2012 after their previous band Silent Plains had taken a break in 2011.

Using only drums, bass guitar and vocals, our main thesis is that “Less is MORE”. It’s all about making the most of it, and never have the feeling that something is missing.